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Gr2me is a comprehensive digital platform that highlights the rich culture of Greece. It’s designed to inform and excite people who are passionate about Greece, encouraging them to engage with the platform and connect with one another.

The site’s rich content showcases the enduring essence of Greek culture, which remains as relevant today as it was 3,700 years ago.


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I was born in Greece but lived in the US for a good part of my life.
In 2020 when I visited  Greece for vacation,  covid-related travel restrictions kept me hostage for more than I had anticipated. But being reluctantly “sequestered”  had an unexpected  consequence; it made me reconnect with my Greek roots.

I met old friends and I begun to observe everything around me with the wonderment of an outsider. Greece’s vibrant culture, fueled by talent, passion, humanity and above all, heritage, swept me off my feet.

This platform is my way of expressing the excitement of what I discovered and communicating it to a world who often thinks of Greece in terms of Mykonos, souvlaki and moussaka.

With Gr2me, my colleagues and I want to share our love for the real Greece: a country that captures hearts and stirs the imagination.

Theo Kalomirakis


Founder & Editor  
Theo Kalomirakis 

Operations Director
Pantelis Iliakakis

International Outreach Director
Renee Pappas

Editor at Large
George Kalogerakis

Executive Editors
Movies: Vassilis Kostantopoulos
Music: Maro Angelopoulou
Culture: Joanna Papadopoulos
Film Festivals: Katia Angelopoulou
News: Kostantinos Tsavalos
Travel: Ioannis Argyropoulos   
Games Director: George Zestanakis

Associate editor:
Manos Spitalas

Social Media Administrators
Stella Stefanidis
Elena Kefalogiannis

Web Administrator
Aristides Seimanidis

Creative Director
Elena Athanasopoulou

Aris Fatouros
Aris Kefalogiannis
Agamemnon Koliatsos
Katerina Koskina
Mihalis Sarantinos
Nikos Vernicos

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