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Branches of Life

45minutes – 2022 – short animation

A woman under sedation for a lung operation sinks inside her own unconscious. Made for Body Of Songs and Andreya Triana’s Branches Of Life.

Body of Songs brings together major musicians and clinicians to create a remarkable collection of songs, inspired by the body’s organs. Andrea Triana chose the Lungs and was inspired by observing a patient undergoing a bronchoscopy, hoping to breathe in a wide open space again following her impending operation.

Once we started collaborating, I observed a lung operation which took my breath away; I was profoundly moved and fascinated by the team of doctors, anaesthetists and nurses in the process of saving that patient’s life. Inspired by this, and listening closely to Andreya’s lyrics and notes, I decided to turn the patient into a deep-sea diver, sinking in her own body and swimming through the lungs. The hospital comes to life and we discover the Branches of Life, the bronchi.

I used CGI to create the world of the film, aiming to journey through the clinical and the bodily, floating between life and death. The starting point is at that dreamy beginning of anesthesia, where the mind drifts helplessly into the darkness and hopes to see the light once again.


Performed by Andreya Triana
DIRECTOR & ANIMATOR: Katerina Athanasopoulou
WRITERS: Andreya Triana & Hannah V
MIXING: Alex ‘Cores’ Hayes at Rooftop Studio, Shoreditch
MASTER: Jeremy Cooper at Soundtrap
Studio: kineticat

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