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For her debut single, released in May 2024 through Mellosophy Music, Barbara Fais teams up with music producer papatanice in a pairing that blends ethereal indie pop with dark thematic tones and complements both sides.

Video credits:
Video: Dimitris Dracoulis/ Assistant Director: Faidon Pallioudis/ Editing and Colouring: Dimitris Dracoulis and Faidon Pallioudis/ Music: Barbara Fais and papatanice/ Lyrics: Barbara Fais/ Production and master: papatanice/ Arrangement: papatanice and Zisis Mezilis/ Mix: papatanice and Digenis/ Recorded at Mellowsophy Studios


Barbara Fais

Barbara Fais is a brand new singer-songwriter from Greece that can be commonly identified as indie pop, nonetheless the brains behind it exhibit a broader set of inspirations including ambient. The Athens-based artist has been writing songs on the piano from a very young age, and now she introduces herself to the audience through her debut release via Mellosophy Music.

The dour and somber themes reflect the Billie Eilish impact with minor key piano and orchestral flourishes. This background is well-suited to Barbara’s strengths and signals artistic growth. Her voice communicates sorrow without sacrificing its beauty, and her music plays with the concept of grimness.

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