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Soon after I returned to Greece in 2021—having spent more than 30 years in the United States designing home theaters—I began to realize that Greek cinema had matured way past what I remembered from the ‘70s. Movies were being made that could have global appeal if there only were a way to market them beyond Greece. Because as good as Greek cinema had become, it has seldom crossed Greece’s borders. I began to
imagine a platform that promoted Greek films and made them available to international audiences.

That was the initial idea behind gr2me. But as I got reacquainted with other aspects of Greek life, something else became obvious: contemporary Greece’s vibrant culture had little to do with what much of the world associates with the country—Mykonos and moussaka, evzones and ouzo, and so forth. (All of which have their points!) Modern Greece knocked me sideways: this was not the country I was born in, grew up in. So, showcasing what I and my colleagues considered to be today’s real Greece became gr2me’s mission.

Gr2me will bring you every aspect of modern Greek life and culture—music, art, people, food and wine, heritage, books, all of it. (Movies, naturally.) In this beta version you can already explore some of these areas, and more are in the works. We’re going to keep it lively, fresh, engaging—and never predictable. We want gr2me to reflect our collective love for Greece in all the manifestations of the country’s rich, thriving culture.
Theo Kalomirakis, Founder

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