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In a sense, gr2me is a collaboration—between you and us.
We will find, select, and present the people and things that make Greece one of the most culturally exciting countries on the planet, thereby introducing you, regularly, to something you never knew about.

But we’d also like to hear what you want to see in gr2me.

When we show you original video content we’ve produced, we’ll encourage you to comment—because what you think will inspire our directors to do the kinds of stories you enjoy the most. Similarly, as we build a database of Greek movies available to rent or buy through gr2me (and, eventually, through Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Movies, etc.), we’ll want your feedback. The beta version of gr2me includes short previews of feature-length movies and documentaries—if you indicate the ones you’d be most interested in seeing in their
entirety, we’ll keep your preferences in mind as we add more movies.

Most importantly, we want to create a community of people who are interested in Greek culture and help them connect with one another. To that end, gr2me will host forums on all kinds of topics. For instance:
Neoclassical buildings in Athens
The Greek village of my ancestors
My favorite Greek movies from the ‘60s
Friends of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival
Discovering Greek restaurants outside of Greece Etc.

Let the conversations flow from there.
So, please join us. And get involved!

This will be fun

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