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Live in Szigett (Hungary)

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Koza Mostra were among the world music acts on the Global Village stage at Sziget Festival 2023. The video includes four songs from their setlist: “Me Trella”, “Duj Sandale”, “Ace of Spades” , “Jump Around/Soura Kai Mastoura”.

Koza Mostra

A fully vibrant ethnic rock band from Thessaloniki, Koza Mostra deliver a musical fusion of different cultures. Ilias Kozas (lead singer, guitar), Dimitris Raptis (drums), Stavros Apostolidis (bouzouki, backing vocals), Giannis Bellos (bass guitar, backing vocals), Tasos Gentzis (saxophone, backing vocals) and Asterios Fragos (guitar, backing vocals) blend rock, punk, ska, rebetiko and Greek folk music. The sonic mix is fun and energetic, through mostly sociopolitical themes like “Requiem” (2020) feat. Pedro Erazo from Gogol Bordello which is about migration, “Bilio” (2022) about women empowerment, and their newest track “Elvis” (2024).

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