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Meteora, Greece: A trip to the Byzantine Monasteries

Arriving at Meteora with the speed and force of the fiery wind that made the Apostles speak all the languages of the world, we approach the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. There, everything becomes calm. Our Abbot guides us through one of the most beautiful Byzantine monuments in the world on the day the monastery celebrates.

Directed by Dimitris Yatzouzakis

D. Yatzouzakis was born in Athens. He moved to Venice in 1980 to study Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1983 he won a scholarship from “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” in Rome, where he studied film-directing under Gianni Amelio, Marco Leto and Furio Scarpelli.

His first feature, SAINT PHANOURIOS’ PIE was selected for the Rotterdam 1992, “Grandeur Local” retrospective of 30 films from the history of cinema. With his next feature TOUCH ME NOT (1996) and some of his documentaries he participated and got prizes in festivals like Bergamo, Brussels, Thessaloniki and Toronto.

He has worked as a script-analyst for Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI Script2Film MEDIA programme). Some of his documentaries are: SKY WITHOUT PASSPORT (2006) Portrait of the Iranian poet Fereydoun Faryad (Khorramshahr 1949 – Athens 2012) and OUR LIMITS (2020) Portrait of the first Greek Athlete with an impairment who manages to complete an Ironman. In February 2024 he’s about to shoot his next feature: “SKYLOSOPHOS”.

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