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Ta Peristeria stin Odo Monastiriou (Pigeons in Monastiriou Street)

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The band is known for speaking out against injustice. Their second album, Efta Meres Ntropis (meaning ‘seven days of shame’) is centered around sociopolitical themes of post-pandemic Greece, becoming a call to solidarity. Video credits: Scripted and directed by Alexandros Arhondis, Mix & mastering by Christos Charbilas, Titos Karyiotakis, Orestis Patsinakidis, Royal Alzheimer Hall, Recorded by: Thanos Kazantzis, Polytropon Recording Studio

Psylloi st’ Ahyra

The 5-piece Greek-speaking alternative rock band from Thessaloniki draws inspiration from what is considered to be the most innovative era in the local rock scene; the 90s. They also combine newer music forms creating a perfect amalgam of what we could describe as mosh pit music for alt rock/post-punk connoisseurs. Heraklis Daitsis is an expressive rock vocalist, the rhythm section of Haris Katopis (bass) and Sakis Drakoulis (drums) is robust, while Nikos Vryzas (guitar) and George Lalos (trumpet) add more texture.

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