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Santorini Beach Tour

The internationally well known island of Santorini, offers countless beaches to its lucky visitors.


ExploringGreecetv lives up to its name. It’s not just a whisper; it  shouts its purpose. Based in Greece, it traverses the country, delving  into its essence. The website writes about Greece—the Greece beyond the  iconic Acropolis and its captivating museum. It’s more than the charming  Plaka district, the famous Mykonos, or the picturesque Santorini  islands. Greece reveals itself in every corner, inviting us, the Greek  people, into its rich tradition. Each village uncovers a hidden facet of  the past. And there’s more: Greece houses lesser-known museums that  offer thrilling journeys through time. These treasures surround us,  waiting to be discovered.

At ExploringGreece.tv, we explore Greece’s past and present. We’re not  solitary travelers; we thrive on group adventures. Our suitcases are  packed for year-round journeys—from winter to summer, spring to autumn.  Together, we’ll rediscover familiar places and explore uncharted  corners. As .tv enthusiasts, we’ll fill Exploring Greece with  captivating images. Join us as we walk Athens’ historic sites, visit  museums, attend theaters, and explore neighborhoods. Athens, our muse,  will come alive through our words and experiences.

And when we’re not venturing beyond Athens, you’ll find us strolling  through its streets, capturing moments that tell the city’s story. Feel  free to be our companions on this exciting journey!

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