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In their official debut album, Wanderlust, in 2022, Sugar For The Pill delivers consistently across all ten of its tracks with hooks that don’t let up, like in the catchy “Quicksand”. The contrast in guitar textures between chorus and verse feels like the song is written for these two lovers. Video credits: Video directed by Alexandra Diona, Movement direction by Fotini Stamatelopoulou, Music produced by Alex Bolpasis & Sugar For The Pill, Recorded & mixed by Alex Bolpasis at Suono studio, Athens,, Mastered by Nick Townsend at Townsend Mastering, CA.

Sugar for the Pill

Sugar For The Pill are an Indie / Shoegaze – Dream pop outfit formed in March of 2020 in the city of Athens, Greece. The band consists of Vana Rose (vocals), Spyros Mitrokotsas (guitars), Elias K (guitars), Stefanos Manousis (bass/keyboards) and Konstantinos Athanasopoulos (drums). Their official debut album, ‘Wanderlust’, released in 2022, delivers consistently across all ten of its catchy tracks. Their sophomore album is set for release later in 2024.

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