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Cheap Suits

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Ta Toy Boy divulge their experience of heartbreak and falling out of love in their track “Cheap Suits”. Video director Tasos Paschalidis (A Void Production), artfully pieces together the story of a couple’s bittersweet moments sometime in the 80s.
Video Credits: Directed, edited by: Tasos Paschalidis, Cinematography: Stefanos Tsakiris, A/Void Productions

Ta Toy Boy

Hailing from Thessaloniki city, Ta Toy Boy are George Begas (vocals), Elias Smilios (guitar) and Yiannis Lianopoulos (bass). Deeply underground and evoking the DIY feel of Sarah Records indie-pop groups like the Field Mice, the band debuted in 2019 with album White Town, followed by Endless Life (2021); simply recorded, there’s a pleasantly homemade feel to the recordings; fuzzy guitars that coexist with the synths and samplers bring an organic vibe. In 2023 the band released various singles, such as “Antony”, “Dance Me” and “Cheap Suits” paving the way for a new album.

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