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The Book of Lost Songs, Live at Enjoy Jazz Festival

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The thriving performance of The Book of Lost Songs was staged live at the 2020 Enjoy Jazz festival in Ludwigshafen venue Das Haus, in Germany. It was the first time Tania Giannouli ever worked with voice, the renowned Italian singer Maria Pia De Vito, using it not as a lyrics-vehicle but rather as an instrument. Tania Giannouli: piano/composition, Maria Pia De Vito: vocals, Michele Rabbia: percussion/ electronics, Guido De Flaviis: soprano/ baritone saxophone, Manolis Manousakis: electronics. Camera and editing: Henning Scherf

Tania Giannouli

Tania Giannouli collapses genres into smearing montages that are as alive and unpredictable as a majestic dream. From her debut recording Forest Stories to her experimental Rewa, and her more recent discographic work, the raw yet fluid SOLO (2023), the Greek pianist and composer is weaving entire tapestries with her piano. She is performing in the most renowned venues and festivals around the world, collaborating with diverse artists and steadily becoming an essential figure in the global music scene.

photo copyright: Savvas Lazaridis

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