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The official video of the title track from the band’s debut album- out via The Circle Music on October 31st, 2023, offers a patchwork of black-and-white  images that fit in the black metal-meets-archaic folk theme of the album. The recording, production, mixing and mastering was done by George Emmanel at Pentagram Studio, Athens.

The Magus

Magus is perhaps the most recognizable figure in the realm of extreme Greek metal, which makes sense considering he’s been recording since 1991. As the founder of the now-historic black metal band Necromantia (where conventional rhythm guitars were entirely absent, replaced by two distorted bass guitars), and a member of Rotting Christ in their early days, he took significant strides. However, he closed the chapter of the first with the death of the band’s co-founder, Baron Blood, two years ago, only to release his first solo work today with his own project titled “Byssodomonting.” It’s an inspired and multi-dimensional album that draws heavily from traditional heavy metal as well as the gothic spectrum of sound to create his own distinct blend.

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