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The Region of Peloponnese

Using whimsical narration and the creative juxtaposition of current and old style visuals, the campaign introduces us to Peloponnese as the not so obvious tourism destination of Greece, inviting to get acquainted with its amazing scenery, tastes, heritage, and most of all, its people Creative: Unlimited Creativity Director: Dimitris Gkotsis DoP: George Kokkalis of all,


Indigo View is an award-winning media production company with a passion for storytelling and the artistic and technical expertise to match it. Based in Crete, we utilize our in-house and extended network of audiovisual professionals to develop, produce and line produce innovative, high-end content addressed to wide audiences. Our portfolio includes TV series, films, documentaries, viral campaigns, tourism, corporate and music videos.


Theo must have been born with a camera in his hands. You used to see him without one only when he was swimming. And then… GoPro was invented!
Theo was born in South Africa and spent the first 10 years of his life there before he returned to his parents’ birthplace, Crete-Greece. He studied Radio & TV Production at Salford University in the UK and gained a master’s degree in film Directing & Producing at the Northern Film School. he directed two of the most successful Greek TV series of all time: “To nisi” and& “I lexi pou de les”
Theo has won numerous international awards for his short films and advertising campaigns

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