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Kan’to na Moiazei me Tehni (feat. Sci-Fi River)

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For the second track of their “Oufo” album, out via Veego Records, Turboflow 3000 team up with Sci-Fi River who, in her own words, makes rap “for kids who don’t trust anyone”. The lyrics serve as a rallying cry of the younger Greek generation employed in the local tourism industry with bad working conditions.

Video credits:

Video: Primal/ Lyrics, vocals: Sci-Fi River & Deezy/ Cuts: QB Mix/ Production: Deezy/ Post production: Primal/ Mix & Master: Ekelon @thecave/ Special thanks to laced up, Boogie Jones, Black p, Daniela


Turboflow 3000

Deezy, André and Primal were introduced to the audience with their 7’’ debut release of “Fireworks” and “Yes to Everything” singles in 2022.  Since then, they resist easy definition.

The Athens-based project of Turboflow 3000 has made its mark on the Greek scene with its boisterous flow and genre-bending approach. The sound dips into multiple interests at once. Fast rhymes give way to melodic post punk and an explosive burst of synths that bleed into euphoric electro-pop, sometimes all in the same song. The act’s official debut album, “Oufo”, features a series of collaborations with artists of various genres, such as Sci-Fi River, Ghetto Rock, Pan Pan, Jason, Olina, Q.B.Mix and with a fresh look on a mix of references like Gang of Four, Jack Kerouac, reggae bass, 90s UK aesthetics, and solid rap breaks.


Photo credits: Mariza Kapsabeli (marizakapsabeli.com)

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