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Wide Awake

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Iota Phi knows how to execute not only songwriting and public narrative but also a melding of the two. Tonally and thematically the track steps into dystopian themes. Written and produced by IOTA PHI, co-produced and mixed by Mikael Delta, it was released through her record label – Desire Bay in cooperation with Amour Records (EMI/Universal). Video Credits: Written and directed by IOTA PHI, Starring: Ilia (IOTA PHI), Anna Patapi, Phoenix, Cinematography: Akis Valergakis, Gaffers: Stelios Desipris, Kostas Sazakoglou, Assistant Camera: Giannis Maroudas, Drone Operator: Paschalis Doumanis, Colourist: Sardis Manthos, Producer: IOTA PHI, Oval Studio, Art Direction/Set Design: IOTA PHI, Creative Agency: Desire Bay

Iota Phi

Haunting and inspiring, Iota Phi (aka Ilia Darlin) has struck a chord, functioning as the dark and experimental corollary to the brighter figures of pop scene in Greece. The Greek singer, songwriter, director, and record producer is inspired by themes of identity, post-humanism, and Greek mythology, in a “reality vs fantasy” lyrical context, spreading her wings way far beyond her country’s borders. Iota Phi is making music since 2017, forming her own personal sound in an amalgam of pop, alternative electronic, and R&B, adding traditional elements.

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