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When Passengers in Panic get the balance right between their metal and folk personas, the result is vibrant and infectious. Their 2024 version in “Kaixis”, a famous rebetiko song composed by Apostolos Hadjichristos (1904-1959), and co-written by Giorgos Fotidas, is exactly such a case.  Hadjichristos was deeply inspired by stories from his birthplace in Asia Minor, when he wrote the song about hiring a ‘kaixis’ (boatman in Turkish) to free a beautiful girl (‘güzel-khanum’), who is imprisoned in a harem as an Ottoman slave. For the video the band collaborated with the leading Greek director and actor Yiannis Tsortekis (Maestro, Skaravaios, Fonissa). Video credits:  Music Video by Yannis Diassakis, Produced, mixed & mastered by Psychon (Septicflesh) at Sound Abuse Productions Studio, Vocals recorded by Apollo Siakandaris, Guitars recorded by Psychon (Septicflesh) at Sound Abuse Productions Studio and Apollo Siakandaris, Drums recorded by David at Made in Hell Studios, Bass recorded by Psychon (Septicflesh) at Sound Abuse Productions Studio, Yohanna’s Make-Up and Hair Done by Timothy Karakatsanis, Actor: Yiannis Tsortekis, Actress: Elizabeth Kavalakis, Guest vocalist: Liana Bardi

Passengers in Panic

Athens-based folk-metal band Passengers in Panic incorporate folk instrumentation such as flute, and pipes into an otherwise progressive metal style, that manages to be dark, and enchanting at the same time. Lyrically, the four-piece outfit of Yohanna Galani (vocals), Lela Argyri (guitars), Lefteris Christou (bass) and Fivos Andriopoulos (drums) examine various social themes in their songs such as toxic relationships, injustice, and human rights. For example, “Leap of Faith” from their 2020 eponymous debut album is dedicated to and inspired from victims of femicide, as well as women who have survived domestic violence. The band is planning to release their sophomore album in 2024. Photo copyright: C. Alossi

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