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Taken from Lex’s third album, Metro (2022), “Airmax” begins with a piano, creating the basic motif, combined with a choir melody in the background make a powerful sonic introduction. The track is composed and produced by Dof Twogee, while Petros Vinakos (Destiny Studio Athens) is the man behind recording, mix and mastering.  Video Production: Crystal View, Director: Angel Saft, Director of Photography: Manu Tilinski, Edit/Color/VFX: Orfeas Antoulinakis, Producer: Andreas Kasten’s


The success of LEX in Greece remains inexplicable to many: How can a musician who is never heard on Greek radio and has never appeared on television fill stadiums with 30,000 fans? However, the music of LEX never needed to go through television, as it was born on the streets. After all, hip hop is the arte-povera of our time: All that is required is a microphone and a mixer. And as LEX himself says, “By using this tool correctly, you have the ability to capture even an entire era.” His realistic, socio-political lyrics now touch an age spectrum of listeners that other Greek hip hop artists can’t even come close to – hence his recent collaboration with Haris Alexiou.

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