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Taken from their third full-LP, Organic Mindset, released in 2020, the track refers to being caught in a web of false securities and trying to seek the truth. Video credits: Filmed at Think Recording Studios (Sparta) & Dope of Sound Studios (Athens) by Louis Vlahakis, Video Edited by Louis Vlahakis, Produced by Dimitris Sakkas, Recorded, mixed & mastered at Dimons Studios (Athens) from Dimitris Sakkas and at Think Recording Studios (Sparta) from Louis Vlahakis

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Based in Sparta, the band emerged from the feverish Greek heavy metal scene in the mid-10s and steadily made their way up. Vlasis Diamantakos (guitars, vocals), Giannis Verios (bass), Foivos Andriopoulos (drums), and George Tzathas (guitars) perform gnarly underground sounds of thrash metal, dropping hints of Metallica, Testament and Pantera, with epic and highly melodic lead sections.

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