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Gennimenos gi’ afto

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Taki Tsan collaborates with Phyrosun, a rapper who balances underground and mainstream rap. The video’s track, literally translated as ‘born for this’ is from the two MC’s recent LP joint album, Phyrotsan (2022). Video credits: Directed by Jim Georgantis, Filmed by Ayo Mula.

Taki Tsan

Rarely does an artist manage to stay at the forefront for so many years, and when it comes to Greek hip hop, few carry the history like Taki Tsan. Born in San Diego to Greek parents, he arrived in Greece having immersed himself in the sound from childhood, and released his already “classic” debut as “Child-Wonder” titled “Verb for Money” in 1999. Since then, he has passed through many groups (including the legendary Zontanoi Nekroi who enjoyed great success for years) and continues to present fresh material at his live shows, often collaborating with young artists of the genre.

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