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Vassilis Temperekidis: A Contemporary Greek Philosopher

Vassilis Temperekidis is the spirit that constantly moves. He endeavors to take his body and spirit where everything is one, and to have access to this boundless assembly, to peace, to the dream of life.

Directed by Dominikos Ignatiadis

Dominikos Ignatiadis was born in Germany and holds a dual German and Greek citizenship.
He is member of the Greek Documentary Association and has attended film and documentary
courses in Kapodistriako University of Athens.

In 2015 he released his short film “Curriculum Vitae”, and in 2017 he made his documentary debut with “Village Potemkin” which received the Greek Association of Films Critics award at the 19th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. His second documentary, “Gabriella – The German with the Bicycle” (2021) participated in a number of festivals nationally and internationally, was nominated for awards by the Greek Academy of Cinema, and it received awards at the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and the Moscow Film Festival.

With the Greek Film Centre (GFC) he directed and co-produced his third documentary Prison Blues (2023) which participated in the 25th Thessaloniki documentary festival in the Open Section Horizons. He is currently working on his new film “Rinoula 2024”

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