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Yiannis Tsarouchis: Sailor Sitting at the Table, Pink Background 1980

Yannis Tsarouchis is one of the most recognized Greek artists and his work holds a significant place in the history of modern Greek art.

Barely at the age of six, he designed theatre costumes, while his work is plenty of the influences of his childhood: the karagiozis shadow theatre, the neoclassical buildings, and later his pursuits with references to Byzantium, the ancient Greek culture and, as he mentioned, the ancient classical ideal, as expressed by the Renaissance and the Baroque.

Eroticism, which is presented without implications, very often dominates his works, shifting the blame from any form of taboo of the time. Sailors are a favourite subject of the painter. In Yiannis Tsarouchis’ work entitled /Sailor Sitting at the Table, Pink Background,/ light and colour are stand-alone in the composition, while the context is not just a painted background, but a living space surrounding the sailor, who occupies the largest part in the composition.

Tsarouchis studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts until 1933 and subsequently, travelled to Paris and Rome, where he was influenced by the movement of Impressionism and the Renaissance. His work was regarded with high esteem by the Greek public, while at the same time it was recognized abroad. In 1958 he took part in the Venice / Biennale/ and throughout his creative career he participated in numerous exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.


The Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1979. Its main purpose is the operation of its two museums, on the island of Andros and in Athens and the promotion of visual arts on a domestic and international level.

Its founders and inspirers were Basil and Elise Goulandris who were passionate about art. Painting was the main focus of their interest which connected them to the artistic circles of post-war Paris; they also promoted young Greek artists, helping them to evolve their art and expand their artistic horizons.

Its Collection is one of the most important private collections created during the second half of the 20th century. The main purpose of the B&E Goulandris Foundation in Athens is to house this collection and make it accessible to the public, in accordance with the wish of its founders. As is the case with most private collections, the selection criteria for the works which are included in it were purely subjective. Basil and Elise Goulandris, chose these specific works guided only by their personal preferences and aesthetic codes. Their wish was the creation of a museum in Athens, which would provide the opportunity for a broader audience to come into contact and become familiar with the art they so loved. They envisaged a lively cultural organization, on a par with internationally acclaimed institutions in the field of the visual arts.

The Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation which is in the centre of Athens and houses the Collection of the Foundation, also hosts temporary exhibitions, educational programs and cultural events using advanced museological applications within the broad spectrum of modern and contemporary art.

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