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Grekos: A Thriving Greek Restaurant in the Heart of Rome

Nostalgia is a Greek word, and after living in Greece and countless journeys there for work or pleasure, nostalgia can be your companion whenever something evokes anything Greek. So here in Rome I started the search for a Greek taverna – there weren’t that many in the early 10’s – that could at least give me back some of the flavours that I was missing. That’s when I met Frantzis Kakias, then the chef at the Greek restaurant Ippokrates (he’s from Kos, so the name of the most famous person ever from the island was absolutely fitting). We became friends almost immediately, so I was very happy for him when he opened his own restaurant, Grekos. The success has been immense, so much that he opened another one just a few months back. If you’re ever in Rome, Grekos guarantees an authentic Greek culinary experience. Don’s miss it!

– Patrizio Nissirio

Directed by Michael Gaughn

Michael Gaughn has created commercials, promotional videos, and short documentaries for such clients as Kaleidescape, AcousticSmart, Finger Lakes wineries, and the Niagara Wine Trail. He has done in-depth interviews with directors, actors, and musicians, including Barry Sonnenfeld, Pete Farrelly, Oliver Stone, John Lasseter, Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts, Liam Neeson & Natasha Richardson, David Bowie, Randy Newman, Chris Cornell, XTC, The Beastie Boys, and Phish. And he has served as a series producer for HGTV/DIY, ESPN, and the Mojo Network, among other outlets.

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