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Relax and Detoxify in a Hammam Bath in Athens

There’s a singular appeal to enjoying the combination of detoxifying and relaxing steam, aquatic therapy with hot and cold water, and then, in more modern times, a sumptuous massage. Following the Mediterranean example, the Islamic world introduced bathhouses in the 7th and 8th centuries, developing the experience by adding the use of things like foamy olive-oil soap and particular styles of massage. In this form, hammams, as they’re called, have in recent years been introduced to Athenians, who, together with visitors from around the world, visit them for restorative health and beauty rituals.

Hammam bathhouses offer numerous mind-body health benefits. For centuries, they have been known for offering a unique cleansing experience that promotes overall detoxification of the body. Visitors start by relaxing in the sauna room, where the steam helps to purify the body through sweating, while inhalation helps to clear the respiratory system. To further enhance this experience, one is encouraged to fill a brass bowl with cold water from a tap in the room and pour it onto the head and body, which stimulates circulation and oxygenates the blood, resulting in a more therapeutic and rejuvenating experience.

Alexia Avramzi

Directed by Matteo Pizzocaro

Matteo Pizzocaro is a Greek-Italian filmmaker. He studied film at Edinburgh Napier University (Screen Academy of Scotland, BA, with Honors) and in Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Film Department. He is based in Athens. He is the co-owner of Happyant Productions, focusing on documentaries and short films. He is currently working on his first feature film.

His short films have been presented at the Drama International Short Film Festival (Greece) the Athens International Film Festival (Greece), the Olympia Film Festival for children and young people (Greece), Microμ (Greece), Clit (Portugal), the International Silk Road Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey) and the San Francisco Greek Film Festival (USA). His short films include “Just a thought”, “The Thief”, “Next Stop” and “Hi There”. He films in development include “Canary”, “Sono un Ribelle Mamma” and “Better Days are Coming”. He is currently working on his first feature film.

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