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The Team of Living Opera: Connecting Classic Music with Digital Art

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A fresh take on opera that bridges classical artistry and digital innovation

Living Opera exists at the nexus of tradition and innovation, fusing advanced technology with operatic artistry and entrepreneurial education for performers. Specializing in the classical music sector, it leverages new media and digital tools to enable artists to navigate and excel amid a landscape fraught with socioeconomic and personal hurdles.

Co-founded by international opera singers Soula Parassidis and Norman Reinhardt in 2019, the startup’s genesis was catalytic. After graduating, Soula was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, requiring immediate surgery. Her recovery and a timely investment from a benefactor—contingent on a robust business plan—paved the way for Living Opera’s unique focus on career and business education.

Alongside Norman and co-founder Christos Makridis, the team has built a platform that candidly addresses the inherent challenges of an artistic career, from mental health to financial instability to the nomadic lifestyle. Utilizing their Magic Mozart collection NFTs and emergent technologies, they attract investment to support emerging artists, while also offering career development education. In their own words: “Technology is a vehicle for creating transformative, immersive experiences that empower and inspire people at scale. By combining the timeless beauty of fine art, especially opera, with technological tools, we are building a flourishing worldwide community.”

Directed by Dimitris Delinikolas

Dimitris Delinikolas is a film and digital media director and producer. He studied animation and directed a first master’s degree in film directing in the United Kingdom.

He then completed a second master’s degree at the Athens School of Fine Arts. In 2021 he completed his PhD at the Kapodistrian University of Athens studying the topics of transmedia storytelling and participatory film production. His PhD film and transmedia project “Metacities” was exhibited in The Blender Art Gallery in Athens in January 2024.

He founded the company emptyfilm.com focusing on producing cinema, new media, and transmedia narratives. He has been working as a commercials director since 2010 having won awards for his commercial films. He is teaching post-production, cinematography, and animation at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the school of Cinema and Digital Arts.

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