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Athens – Constantinopole


1 hour 43 minutes – 2008 – Drama, Road Movie

A graying, introverted, elegant man travels to Thessaloniki to visit his sick father. He meets a young woman and an old clarinetist during a traffic jam caused by striking farmers on the Athens-Istanbul Road.

He forgets about the original goal of his journey and instead sets out with his new companions to renew his youth. This murkily melancholy journey between Europe and Asia and between depression and hope moves to the music of jazz. An existential odyssey, can music or love save him?


Lefteris Voyatzis
Alexia Kaltsiki
Dimitris Poulikakos


DIRECTOR: Nikos Panayotopoulos
SCREENPLAY: Michel Fais, Nikos Panayotopoulos
EDITING: Takis Yannopoulos
SETS: Dionysis Fotopoulos
COSTUMES: Marianna Spanoudaki
SOUND: Marinos Athanassopoulos,
Aris Athanassopoulos,Valia Tserou, Dimitris Voutsas


Life, death, sex and money, identity, all questions the hero will have to face. The narration is the one of an oneiric and philosophical tales “there is no border in the other world because you don’t need borders when you can’t move…” with humoristic touches, burlesque police musical during the strike makes the public laughs

Thessaloniki Film Festival

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