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2 hours 1 minute – 1988 – Drama

 A sadomasochistic relationship between Christos and Manolis, two army friends, evolves in the rural parental home of Christos, Greek countryside pathogenic behaviorism is depicted with surprisingly deliberate realism. Machismo, hatred, envy and the egotism of Christos and most of his family contrast with the sensuality, caring and rationality of Manolis who cannot cope with this malevolent environment without surrendering to its destructiveness.


Stelios Mainas
Toula Stathopoulou
Leonidas Nomikos
Stelios Pavlou
Sinda Stefanopoulou
Yorgos Giannopoulos
Stelios Pappas
Yannis Christoyiannis
Magda Tsaggani


DIRECTOR: Yorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
SCREENPLAY: Yorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
EDITING: Giorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
MUSIC: Eleni Karaindrou
SETS: Damianos Zarifis
COSTUMES: Damianos Zarifis
SOUND: Nikos Achladis


The bourgeois homosexual of the film, who thinks he can find a refuge in the village of his
friend, whom he follows there, is nothing more than an interloper. However, the other half of the homosexual couple is also an intruder in his village. It is a lion’s den, where urban filth is reflected and multiplied. In Greece there is no longer a place to stand, neither in the urban center nor in the countryside. Greece is now a u-place, which however never had any serious utopia. He only had methodical lies. The desertions of the sensitive have just begun.

Vassilis Rafaelides – ETHNOS

Best Supporting Actress (Toula Stathopoulou)

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