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Poli Cool (Very Cool): A Unique Bookstore (and Brand) in Athens

It all started from very simple questions: why the process of learning is anything else but fun and joy? Why is knowledge supposed to be boring instead of exciting? Isn’t such a same that school is designed to kill curiosity? For the Poly Cool team these were not theoretical concerns but reasons to take action.The Facebook page ‘Geography is very cool/ Η Γεωγραφία είναι πολύ κουλ’) started in 2019 with funny but accurate posts about geographic trivia. Five years later it is one of the most influential facebook pages with 350.00 devoted followers of all ages. The goal is clear: to create useful and entairtening content that tickles the imagination.
In 2024 more social media pages focused on sharing knowledge are running under the Poly Cool brand. ”Οι εφευρέσεις είναι πολύ κουλ” and ”Τα ζώα είναι πολύ κουλ άτομα” on Facebook, Geografitness on Instagram and coolbooks.gr on Tik Tok. Furthermore they expanded their activities into publishing journals and books that soon became best sellers! The great appeal that the idea of spreading knowledge beyond the scientific barriers had, led the team to the decision acquire a more physical presence. Recently they opened a bookshop that specializes in knowledge books. In addition to the ‘Poly Cool’ publications, the visitor will also find other books there selected by the Poly Cool team.


Directed by Matteo Pizzocaro

Matteo Pizzocaro is a Greek-Italian filmmaker. He studied film at Edinburgh Napier University (Screen Academy of Scotland, BA, with Honors) and in Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Film Department. He is based in Athens. He is the co-owner of Happyant Productions, focusing on documentaries and short films. He is currently working on his first feature film.

His short films have been presented at the Drama International Short Film Festival (Greece) the Athens International Film Festival (Greece), the Olympia Film Festival for children and young people (Greece), Microμ (Greece), Clit (Portugal), the International Silk Road Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey) and the San Francisco Greek Film Festival (USA). His short films include “Just a thought”, “The Thief”, “Next Stop” and “Hi There”. He films in development include “Canary”, “Sono un Ribelle Mamma” and “Better Days are Coming”. He is currently working on his first feature film.

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